VPAT-Understanding Columns 2 and 3

What information do I enter in columns 2 and 3?

The Supporting Features and Remarks/Explanations columns are used to document exactly how a product did or did not meet the Section 508 Standards. In order to promote consistency in Vendor responses, which will ensure a quicker review process by GT’s contracting and procurement officials, we encourage you to answer these columns in the following manner: Supporting Features (second column on 508 Accessibility Template)




Product FULLY meets the letter and intent of the Criteria.

Supports with Exceptions

Product does not ENTIRELY meet the letter and intent of the Criteria, but does provides some level of access.

Supports through Equivalent Facilitation

Product provides alternative methods to meet the intent of the Criteria.

Does not Support

Product does not meet the letter or intent of the Criteria.

Does not Support

Describe exactly how the product does not support the Criteria.

Not Applicable

Describe exactly why the criteria is not applicable to the product.

Not Applicable -- Fundamental Alteration Exception Supplies

Use this language when you determine a Fundamental Alteration to the product would be required to meet the Criteria (see the Access Board standards for the definition of "fundamental alteration").

Not Applicable

The Criteria does not apply to the product.

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