Guidelines for Service Dogs In Training

Service Dogs in Training

The Georgia Institute of Technology is committed to providing a safe, welcoming and accessible campus for Georgia Tech community members who are choosing to be trainers of service dogs. Service Dogs in Training and the trainer are afforded the same access to Georgia Tech owned or controlled property and facilities (“Property”) as a Service Dog.

Service Dog in Training as Defined by Georgia Law

Specific laws in the State of Georgia state that a trainer of guide dogs or support dogs has the right to be accompanied by a dog that is being trained for the purpose of assisting individuals with disabilities. The full text of these laws are located in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A. § 30-4-2)


Requesting Recognition as a Trainer of a Service Dog on Campus

Any Georgia Tech community member (faculty, staff or student) requesting to be recognized as a trainer of a service dog on  Georgia Tech Property is required to complete a request to be identified as a trainer of a service dog through the Office of Equity and Compliance Programs.  Compliance Programs requires documentation specific to this request and will assist the requestor through the appropriate process. The individual training a service dog is expected to adhere to the responsibilities outlined below and to follow the Institute’s established guidelines addressing the safety interests of the individual and the general Georgia Tech community.

Documentation Requirements

The requesting faculty, staff or student should provide Compliance Programs appropriate documentation at least 30 days prior to the desired date that the service dog in training is to arrive on Georgia Tech Property.

The following documentation is required from the established service dog training facility/organization:

1). the dog is a registered participant of the training program,

2). the dog has the required qualifications to be assigned to the trainer, and

3). the requirements to be a registered trainer with that organization/facility has been fulfilled.

Additional Requirements

1). Documentation from a licensed veterinarian that the service dog in training has completed an annual physical examination.

2). The Service Dog in Training has been immunized against diseases common to that animal. The dog must wear the appropriate tags indicating compliance with all required immunizations.

Responsibilities of the trainer includes but is not limited to:

  • Care and supervision of the service dog in training.

  • Maintain control of the dog and its behavior at all times.

  • Maintain the health of the animal.

  • Maintain annual vaccination of the animal.

  • Maintain appropriate licensure of the animal, if applicable.

  • The service dog in training must wear a vest identifying the animal as a service dog in training at all times that the animal is on the Property and in public areas.

  • The trainer must carry identification at all times that designates them as the qualified trainer.

  • The trainer is responsible for the clean-up and the proper disposal of all animal waste in an appropriate receptacle.

  • The trainer must control the service dog in training from disrupting institute academic, administrative and workplace functions. (For example, barking, biting and chasing and aggressive behavior).

  • The trainer who has a service dog in training on the Property is financially responsible for: (1) property damage caused by his or her dog; (2) injury to another individual or an animal owned by an individual that is caused by the dog.

  • The trainer must not leave the service dog in training alone at any time.

Prohibited Areas for Service Dogs in Training

The Institute will allow a service dog in training to accompany the trainer at all times on the Property  except where animals are specifically prohibited due to safety or health restrictions, or where the animal may be in danger, or the integrity of research may be compromised due to the presence of chemicals and/or organisms. Exceptions to restricted areas may be granted on a case-by-case basis by contacting the Office of Compliance Programs.

Removal of Service Dogs in Training

If at any time, while on the Property, the service dog in training is reported or observed that the animal is unclean, ill, or exhibits aggressive or disruptive behavior, Compliance Programs will ask the trainer to correct the issue. If the condition(s) persists, the trainer may be directed to remove the dog from the Property until the trainer can demonstrate to the Compliance Program Office that the problem has been remedied. For the service dog in training to be again permitted on the Property, the dog and trainer must have completed appropriate steps to rectify the situation that caused the removal as specified by Compliance Programs. These steps will be determined on a case-by-case basis as per the situation. This removal will not affect the trainer’s ability to remain on the Property to work or complete classes toward a degree. 

Appeals and Grievance

Georgia Institute of Technology is committed to a prompt and effective resolution of any grievance. If the trainer disagrees with a decision made concerning the service dog in training, the trainer should bring them to the attention of Compliance Programs-ADA Coordinator ( or submit a resolution form at: